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We must adjust to changing times and still hold to unchanging principles.
- Jimmy Carter I think we would be foolish to expect that we can import everything from somewhere else and imagine that this is going to last forever, and ever and ever.
- Prince Charles If we are going to carry on growing, and we will, because no country is going to forfeit its right to economic growth, we have to find a way of doing it sustainably.
- Tony Blair

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Sustainability Center :

Gaia Vista

The Gaia Vista Global Sustainability Center

Gaia Vista at its roots is a global collaboration and communication center designed to foster cooperation amongst various environmental and sustainability organizations.

As the world's first fully sustainable resort and environmental organization, Gaia Vista will be leading the way and becoming a model for sustainability and environmental education. Becoming a fully sustainable organization also involves becoming the next generation of a corporate model.

It is time to move away from the last century corporate script that says the only purpose of a corporation is to maximize profit to its shareholders. The new corporate paradigm is concerned about profit, but also requires a balance between economic returns and environmental and social concerns.

Gaia Vista will be hosting a variety of informal think-tank conferences for various environmental and sustainability subjects, such as rainforest protection, and alternative power.

As a next generation sustainable organization, we are going to donate our eco lodging and conference center for one or two week periods, and invite organizations from around the world to come down and work together discussing innovative means for accelerating mutually shared goals; while also giving them the opportunity to connect with nature and the rainforest. We may charge a small room fee for larger more established non-profits and Green Technology Corporations.

Guests of our sustainable community will have access to other aspects of our resort and will be able to dine at our organic restaurant.

Gaia Vista
Gaia Vista

Solar Wi-fi Communication Center

Gaia Vista will have solar wi-fi throughout the main part of our property. Several small building will be created on the property to house or communication center.

The communications center will be working on and acting as headquarters for various online environmental projects, and online eco businesses.

It will also be the global collaboration center for networking and inviting other environmental and sustainability organizations to work together and help create a more sustainable planet for all of mankind and animalkind.

Again, this will be a world's first; a fully sustainable eco resort and environmental headquarters, that is a living example of ecological sustainable environmental values. This will help to establish our project as a world famous environmental education and research facility.

Gaia Vista
Gaia Vista

Volunteer aspects of our Sustainability Center & The Gaia Rainforest Reserve

Gaia Vista will be donating several rooms of inexpensive lodging on a year round basis and bring volunteers in from around the world to work on various projects at Gaia Vista.

Some of the volunteers will be paying for their experience and will be contributing a small income source to the non-profit aspect of Gaia Vista.

This volunteer workforce will also be assisting Gaia Vista in covering various aspects of our community's overhead costs that would traditionally require paid workers.

Some of the things that the volunteers will be doing are:

  • Researching and studying the rainforest in our Gaia Rainforest Preserve.


  • Reintroducing the Tapir and the tepesquintle into our rainforest reserve.  Their populations have dwindled due to accelerated hunting over the last few years. Another aspect of this is to work with two or three hunters in the area and encourage them to stop this destructive practice


  • Assisting with the maintenance and development of a sustainable rotating network of hiking trails along the river, and in the hills of this incredibly beautiful rainforest valley.


  • Assisting and learning about organic farming and Permaculture


  • Working on several of our own web based environmental projects in our solar wi-fi internet communication center. The Gaia Vista web projects will be working on fostering collaboration among environmental organizations, and educating the world at large about the problems and solutions for achieving sustainability.


  • Assisting with any other aspect that we may need help with.

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We invite you to become a part of Gaia Vista.
We are presently divining for: owners, partners, full time and part time eco-village members and volunteers to help fully materialize the Gaia Vista Vision.

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Gaia Vista

Gaia is the name for the ancient Greek Goddess of the Earth. Experience living in the rainforest, perhaps in one of our tree houses, or relax and play in one of our many waterfalls and swimming holes



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