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"Many organic practices simply make sense, regardless of what overall agricultural system is used. Far from being a quaint throwback to an earlier time, organic agriculture is proving to be a serious contender in modern farming and a more environmentally sustainable system over the long term.."
— David Suzuki.

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Our Organic Farm

Gaia Vista

Gaia Vista is a smorgasbord of unique varieties of organic fruit trees.

Imagine walking through our property, enjoying fresh ripe exotic fruits right off the trees.

At the present time we have over 20 different varieties that have already been planted at Gaia Vista and ideally we will have many more types of exotic fruit trees. 

In keeping with our goal of becoming fully sustainable, in the future we will also be planting various types of fruit trees that specific animals and birds in Costa Rica love and therefore will be providing for our ourselves; as well as for our rainforest animal neighbors.

The best time to plant tropical fruit trees is at the beginning of the green season, and we will be going down to plant more in June and July of this year, and are presently looking for organic farming volunteers to help out.

We will also be growing a variety of organic vegetables and medicinal herbs.

In addition we plan on raising chickens for eggs and possibly to eat.

The start of our Organic Farm in Costa Rica is laid out using Permaculture principles, and would mostly be run by volunteers and a couple of paid workers.

Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature. The observing of natural patterns in nature becomes a part of the design process itself; nature herself becomes a co-creator of Permaculture and sustainable design concepts.

Gaia Vista
Gaia Vista

Below is a list with pictures of the types of organic fruit trees that are presently planted at Gaia Vista

Baby/Nino Banana
Cavendish Banana
Dwarf Red Banana
Plantain Bananas
Cacao  - Chocolate
Carambola - Star Fruit
Café – Coffee
Granadillas – Passion Fruit
Guanabana  - Bread Fruit
Limon Dulce – Sweet limes
Limon – Limes
Naranja – Oranges
Pina – pineapple
Azucar de Cana  - Sugar cane

We will keep you updated as we plant more of the organic fruit trees shown above, and add new varieties.

Gaia Vista

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Gaia Vista

We invite you to become a part of Gaia Vista.
We are presently divining for: owners, partners, full time and part time eco-village members and volunteers to help fully materialize the Gaia Vista Vision.

Gaia Vista

organic farm volunteer enjoying a coconut

horseback riding at Gaia Vista


Gaia Vista

Gaia is the name for the ancient Greek Goddess of the Earth. Experience living in the rainforest, perhaps in one of our tree houses, or relax and play in one of our many waterfalls and swimming holes



Gaia Vista

National Geographic called this area “The most biologically intense place on earth.”



Gaia Vista

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