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"We are prone to judge success by the index of our salaries or the size of our automobiles, rather than by the quality of our service relationship to humanity."
— Martin Luther King, Jr. "The superior man seeks what is right; the inferior one, what is profitable."
— Confucius

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Gaia Vista

Coming Soon....

We are presently planning to develop this area of our site into a community building and online collaboration tool.

Aspects would be a content management system, integrated email system, separate blog and forum sections for various aspects of our project. Plus, different permission based access to certain parts of the site; ie, their will be a public area, and owner areas to the site, as well a permission base for volunteers where each volunteer would have the opportunity to develop their own web pages etc.

Other sections will be used for managing the projects ideas and costs, as well as keeping track of volunteers, with online calendars etc. The idea is to build a system for managing Gaia Vista; while also building community and educating / informing the world about what we are creating and how we are creating it.

Gaia Vista

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Gaia Vista

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Gaia Vista

We invite you to become a part of Gaia Vista.
We are presently divining for: owners, partners, full time and part time eco-village members and volunteers to help fully materialize the Gaia Vista Vision.

Gaia Vista

Gaia Vista

Gaia is the name for the ancient Greek Goddess of the Earth. Experience living in the rainforest, perhaps in one of our tree houses, or relax and play in one of our many waterfalls and swimming holes



Gaia Vista

National Geographic called this area “The most biologically intense place on earth.”



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