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"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
- Mahatma Gandhi.

"Look at every path closely and deliberately, then ask ourselves this crucial question: Does this path have a heart? If it does, then the path is good. If it doesn't, it is of no use. "
- Carlos Castaneda.

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Gaia Vista

Gaia Vista Ownership & Partner Opportunities

We are presently seeking several additional eco investment owners and active partners to help make the Gaia Vista Vision a reality.

If you are interested in possibly becoming an owner/ partner or Pioneer investor in Gaia Vista, then please read this entire page and complete the contact form below.

Gaia Vista
Gaia Vista

Gaia Vista - A Next Generation Sustainable Organization

In keeping with our commitment, we believe that leading the way and becoming a model for sustainable development and a sustainable community also involves becoming the next generation of a corporate model.

It is time to move away from the last century corporate script that says the only purpose of a corporation is to maximize profit to its shareholders. The new sustainable corporate paradigm is concerned about profit, but also requires a balance between economic returns and environmental and social concerns.

We are coming into an age where real wealth is starting to be understood as knowing that you are doing your part to create a better and more sustainable world. There is a huge, almost universal desire to make a difference, do something worthwhile, put something back. This same passion invades the workplace and the marketplace; a desire to build a better world. The combination that creates success for a sustainable corporation and eco investment - is that when you are able to connect to a persons passions, they will follow you to the ends of the earth, buy your products and services with pride and may even be willing to work with you for next to nothing.

Although Gaia Vista will definitely be profitable, and provide investors with the opportunity for a substantial increase in value along with a steady financial return; it is important to understand that this will not be our guiding principle.

As a leader in this new realm, Gaia Vista is about becoming a model of a fully sustainable organization; one that puts social concerns, environmental concerns, along with health and the creation of a family type community above that of maximizing profit.

Potential co-owners and Partners should understand that Gaia Vista can be thought of as a mix between a traditional for-profit corporation and a non-profit corporation.

Even though our goal is not to maximize profit and return; you will soon discover after completing the form below that our eco investment offering is structured in a way that investors are virtually guaranteed that the value of their initial investment will almost double upon the initial completion of our project.

Potential investors further understand that their will be no actual return of profit for at least 3 years, and that there is no expressed guarantee of exact income or return.

Maximum profit potential will be insured however; as we will not be diluting ownership after our initial offering and owners can sell their shares at anytime.

Rest assured that even though we may need more funding due to unforeseen events, cost overruns, overhead costs or expansion costs; these additional costs will not require more investment capital, nor will they involve dilution of original ownership shares.

Our main source for this additional capital and profit will come through the sale of eco-timeshares in our resort. Only a limited amount of eco-time shares will be sold. The primary purpose is to expand participation in our global eco-village and to cover necessary costs, and the expense of financing additional rental units if necessary.

The ideal co-owners of our sustainable eco community will also support the concept that the targeted focus of our income is geared towards hosting retreats, workshops and environmental and sustainable education programs.

The Eco Resort component of Gaia Vista will primarily be accepting bookings during peak times of the year, and when no conferences or workshops are scheduled. It is important to note that the initial idea is not to have a full time hotel, and therefore there will be several block out periods where investors and partners as well as people living on the property will be able to have some down time to enjoy the beautiful place in which we are creating. That being said, The Eco Resort aspect of GV will definitely become world renowned and more people than we can handle will want to visit. Since we are not going to keep the Eco Resort aspect open all the time, the demand will be high and we should be able to charge top dollar.

We are seeking several more co-owners /investors and active partners; plus hopefully one or two angel investors to support the development of the non-profit aspect; as well as to help purchase and protect more rainforest around our property.

Overall funding costs to complete the construction and creation of Gaia Vista is approximately $600,000. We are also ideally seeking an additional $750,000 for additional land acquisitions to expand the scope of the project.

If you are one of those rare individuals who are not purely profit driven, and would like to be considered for ownership in the Gaia Vista Project and Community then please fill out the form below.

Minimum direct ownership investment is $150k. Lower amounts may be accepted for people who plan on contiributing time and energy towards helping to create Gaia Vista; or for people who have careers in the fields of self improvement or helping to save our fragile planet.

GV Pioneer Investor Opportunities -
While we are waiting for the completion of Phase I investment capitalization; an opportunity awaits for eco pioneers to help with the initial stages of our development. We are presently looking for people to sponsor the development of our initial phase I road completion, our micro-hydro and solar aspects, and various other initial income generating components; such as our first treehouse, and canopy tour etc. Initial pioneer investors are guaranteed a 100% return of all money invested and a chance to be pioneer members of Gaia Vista.

If you are interested in being a part of Gaia Vista and can't afford our main ownership programs, or are not interested in becoming a Pioneer Investor, then we encourage you to become a part of Gaia Vista through the purchase of eco-timeshares, or co-housing units.

Gaia Vista

Gaia Vista

Potential Owners / Partners Contact Form:

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We invite you to become a part of Gaia Vista.
We are presently divining for: owners, partners, full time and part time eco-village members and volunteers to help fully materialize the Gaia Vista Vision.

Gaia Vista

Gaia Vista

Gaia Vista


Gaia Vista

Gaia is the name for the ancient Greek Goddess of the Earth. Experience living in the rainforest, perhaps in one of our tree houses, or relax and play in one of our many waterfalls and swimming holes



Gaia Vista

National Geographic called this area "The most biologically intense place on earth."



Gaia Vista

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